Sixth Form

Cambridge House Grammar School is proud to continue a consistent intake of over 200 students who choose to study in Sixth Form. Prior to entry into the Sixth Form, students are provided with one-to-one interviews ensuring a curriculum choice which will suit their ability and career aspirations. Senior students at Cambridge House Grammar School can expect to be part of a professional learning community of young people who are actively involved in all aspects of school life.

Pastoral Care

Sixth Form students are supported by a Pastoral Care team, led by the Head of Sixth Form and two Heads of Year. A dedicated team of Form Teachers meet with their classes three times a week in order to monitor progress, set targets and follow a bespoke programme which supports the students with their own personal development, career planning and preparation for life beyond school. The level of stress that students experience is also monitored on a continual basis by Form Teachers, with interventions such as Stress Management Sessions being put in place at key points throughout the school year. The Head of Sixth Form, whose office is situated within the Sixth Form Centre, operates an 'open door' policy where students may drop in to discuss any concerns they may have and ask for advice.

Study Centre

The Sixth Form Centre boasts a range of excellent facilities to allow the students to maximise their study time and also to enjoy the social aspects of being in the senior school. A variety of learning styles are catered for through the availability of a silent study room and an interactive group study facility. ICT facilities are also available within the Sixth Form Centre. Two full-time study supervisors ensure that students use their time effectively, monitor work undertaken in study and offer pastoral support when required. Students who are studying practical subjects, such as Art or Technology, are also able to go to subject areas to work on their projects. The Olive Tree café is situated in the Sixth Form Centre and provides hot food, drinks and snacks exclusively for Senior students. A ‘super free’ period is available every week, where students may use the Common Room to socialise with their friends and to relax.

Study Support

Bespoke study support programmes are put in place for students following each tracking report and the publication of examination results. Students who are achieving well are rewarded with an extra 'super free' period. Those who have not achieved in a particular subject area are reported to the Head of Department for support whilst those who have underachieved in a number of subjects are assigned a mentor. Students are monitored closely the Head of Sixth Form and Heads of Year who agree interventions with the student and review progress upon the publication of new results.

Work Experience

All Year 13 students complete a week of work experience in a career area which is of interest to them. The programme, which is led by the Head of Sixth Form, was praised by the Inspectorate for the way it is organised and for the opportunities it provides for the Year 13 students. In the past, students have embarked on a wide range of placements in the fields of engineering, medicine, dentistry, education, law and accountancy. Recently students have had the opportunity to work with Wrightbus, UTV, Belfast Telegraph, Bombardier and The Royal Victoria Hospital for Sick Children. During the work experience programme, students are prepared for the world of work and are required to evaluate their experience, reflecting on how it has informed their future career goals.


All Sixth Form students are provided with the opportunity to tailor their educational experience by undertaking a period of enrichment each week; for example, participating in independent reading, a period of games, a qualification in text processing, Young Enterprise, or practising a musical instrument.


Sixth Form students are encouraged to actively become involved in the life of the school by undertaking a leadership role; for example, as a Welcome Host, School Guide, Academic Mentor, School Council Representative, House Captain, Year 8 Peer Mentor or School Prefect. All positions require students to give of their time, and so can be counted towards accreditation by the external organisation 'Volunteer Now', allowing students to become 'Millennium Volunteers'.


The application procedure for prospective Prefects is rigorous and for the top candidates includes a presentation and formal interview with the Principal and Senior Teachers. The Senior Prefect Leadership Team is a driving force in both the Sixth Form and the school as a whole. They take on the role of Peer Mentors where they link with Year 8 form classes to ensure that our younger pupils settle into school quickly. They are also responsible for organising major events such as the Sixth Form Induction activity, Year 14 formal and charity fundraisers. The Head Boy and Head Girl lead the Senior School Council which provides a voice for the students and a direct link to the Head of Sixth Form, Principal and the Board of Governors.

Extra-Curricular Activities

A wide variety of extra-curricular activities are on offer to Sixth Form students; ensuring that all tastes are catered for. Details of these activities can be found under the extra-curricular tab.