Welcome to the Cambridge House Grammar School website, which I hope will inform you about our school, our aims and expectations.

Mrs Lutton

Cambridge House Grammar School is a controlled co-educational Grammar School (11-19), which enjoys high levels of commitment from students, staff, governors, parents, past pupils and friends of the school. We are situated on an excellent and expansive site at the corner of the Galgorm Road and Cambridge Avenue. We have a stable enrolment trend, accommodating 1030 pupils on this site, with a highly qualified staff, a full ranging curriculum for all year groups, an extensive extra curricular programme with an excellent pastoral care system, which derives from the school’s commitment to ensuring that pupils’ emotional health and well-being is actively recognised and addressed by pastoral staff.

By developing practical and well researched strategic links with Businesses, Industry and Universities, Cambridge House is focussed on creating a dynamic and innovative ‘Centre of Excellence’. We will be providing a new and exciting opportunity, unparalleled in the rest of Northern Ireland, where our pupils will benefit from first hand experience and the development of practical skills in our direct engagement with relevant Business, Industry and University identified pathway needs. We are passionate in our belief that our pupils must be the highly educated leaders within our developing Northern Ireland Industries –as well as many of those beyond our shores. We can point to recent past pupils, both girls and boys, who have achieved high levels of scientific research excellence, in particular that of Engineering, reaching Doctorate levels (QUB) and Post Doctoral Research positions in American Universities in areas such as Plastics and Nanotechnology Engineering. These pupils continue to commit to the school through the Past Pupils Association, and remain actively available to mentor and coach young boys and girls who want to follow such pathways.

Our aim is to nurture the academic and personal development of each pupil in our care and to promote the pursuit of excellence and achievement for everyone. We prioritise the development of the necessary abilities and skills, which will maximise individual potential and ensure that our young people come to terms with the need for understanding the personal values required for lifelong learning, within a global context. The invaluable training across all key stages will enhance careers prospects and benefit pupils and employers, producing employable young adults with high levels of academic and vocational abilities.

The amalgamated school, which recently celebrated its Centenary (1910-2010), is rich in history and tradition. We have changed, in many positive ways, during our 100 years; we are not afraid of change- in fact we actively embrace it as a challenge.

Cambridge House pupils consistently achieve at local and national levels in curricular and extra curricular areas. Implicit in our school values is the belief that that a sound education is paramount; we must meet the academic as well as the moral and spiritual needs of all our young people. We promote a strong family ethos which is based on care, concern and respect for fellow pupils, staff, governors and parents. We promote high standards in all aspects of school life. The school aims to be a place of inspiration, where young people aspire to reach high levels of attainment and self confidence.

We will welcome your daughter or son into our school family and share the privilege of nurturing your child during their precious time with us.

Mrs Lutton, Principal